Friday, October 19, 2012

Art Overload and Loving It!

I just spent the best day in Los Angeles, my friend Jorge and I came out to look at some campuses for graduate school and today we checked out UCLA.  I was really hoping I would hate it and I could check it off my list of schools I am interested in (which would be awesome because it is so expensive) and early on it looked promising.....but then we took the tour :( campus is so beautiful and their program is exactly what I would love, and they have  graduate studios off campus, so you only have to come to campus if you were teaching.  Still a long shot, but I'll give 'er a go :)

We even had some down time to sketch a little.  Then we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art and it was AMAZING!  I had my first experience seeing a Jackson Polluck, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Gorky, Jasper Johns, Lichtenstein....there are so many!  I never thought I would be one to get starstruck over paintings, but it was really fantastic.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I'm sure everyone has felt this way, but lately I feel like I sleep, and work.  Nothing more.  I haven't been able to create anything in a couple weeks :(  not for lack of trying.  I just worked in the studio for a couple hours and have nothing to show for it.  It's like all the ideas are still percolating in my head and a rush to put some paint on the canvas only proves frustrating.  Is it possible to be overloaded with nothing?  like the less I do, the harder it is to start something or make something I am happy with?  I feel like i'm not currently measuring up to my potential and that is the worst feeling of all.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Upon Water

Upon Water oil on panel, 24"x48"

Another piece I did to enter into the Springville show.  These were really fun to do, I messed around with my supports :) for the last two I used panelboard and stained it chestnut, then I just painted directly on that.  It was nice cause I wanted a rich feel to the piece and it was cool to see the stain through the paint and then blend the paint out so it is just wood on the edges.