Sunday, March 10, 2013


so, today was a day set aside to do taxes and get some grad school applications finished, but life had other plans.  In doing my taxes I was unable to download a tax document (not too torn up to put this off) so I moved on to applications. Who knew I had to have dates from all the schools I attended, not a big deal, really-until the University of Utah application.  I had to check that I attended the U previously and that requires dates and transcripts! Ugh! that was like 7 years ago! who remembers their log in or even dates attended?  I could fudge the dates like I normally would, but I'm pretty sure they'll know ;) so instead I played in glue and ink.  I am working on a portrait of my niece Paige made with drawings she has made for me :) so much more fun that stupid taxes or grad school stuff!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

a work in progress...

Fragile      2' x 4'

So, I am putting together some work for a friend's house, I am mostly just playing around a little right now because she isn't quite ready to put art on the walls :) This is an oil painting on wood panel.  I sealed the wood and painted directly on it.  I used to love dandelions, you know, before they are the flower.  This is not at all what I set out to paint, but my initial work was  quite bad, so this was the evolution.  Tomorrow I am going to go back and add detail with charcoal, maybe split up the dark left side and light right side (maybe not, I kinda dig it) and add a few wisps blowing off?  Hmmm, we'll see how the mood strikes me tomorrow.