Thursday, April 4, 2013

Antigua and Copan

Alfombras (carpets) made out of dyed sawdust cover the streets where the processions will come through later.  It was so crazy how many of these there were, blocks and blocks of alfombras.

A lot of them were in regard to the new pope.

This was probably my favorite, the guy was making prints of the children's hands.  So cute!

Waiting to go into the ruins in Copan, Honduras.  We were the first ones there because we had to be back in Guatemala by 11:00 am because Marianna didn't have her passport and the border agent said we could all go if we were back before her shift ended.

There are Macaws in the park, they release 4 more last year, so you see them everywhere.

Marianna and Me, we went to the park while dad and Blanca slept in.  She was teaching me Spanish and I was supposed to teach her English, but she ended up doing more of the teaching.

Hahaha, so sad!

All in all, amazing ruins.  Tikal still takes the cake, but these were really impressive and more protected from the elements so the detail in the carvings were more intact.  It was a great morning to just relax and walk around.

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