Thursday, April 5, 2012

Destination Graduation

As graduation grows near, I find myself with the dilemma...where do I go from here? For two (plus) years my life has been planned out from semester to semester, credit to credit, now the world is wide open and really scary. I'm wondering if more options is actually a lot more difficult than limited ones. I compare it to Golden Corral, you can eat yourself sick by sampling a little of everything but not finding the one treat that makes your meal OR you can only eat the things you know you like and be pissed later that you didn't take the opportunity to try something new when it was sitting right in front of you. I'm not sure if I will be sick or hungry, but I at least want to go out to eat.
Well, to bring the blog up to the present, my BFA show was such a success! I'm so proud of myself, I remember thinking,,,I am an artist. If I went on Bachelor right now, by occupation would list ARTIST, gone are my butcher days. I just want to send out my appreciation to all those who supported me in this show, it meant a lot to me to be surrounded by a those who I know and love and have them see that this is me. I appreciate the shock at the quality of the work, that is the greatest compliment of all because it meant that this is more than a hobby for me, that it can be appreciated on a professional level. I'm now confident with all of you behind me to try the tiramisu.

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