Thursday, April 12, 2012

More work...

I figured I would take a minute to upload the rest of my pieces from my thesis show :) I'm so glad to be done with my show, but part of me misses the motivation to work, nothing like having a huge show hanging over you to make you burn the midnight oil.
Funny story behind this pic, 'Fallen', my friend's husband, Phil, was setting up my blog (cause i'm computer illiterate) and needed art for the banner. So, he being industrious took one of my other drawings and cropped it. I loved it so much so that I created a piece that matched it, so technically this is Phil's piece :)

Winter Aspens 2
This one is fun because it is a mesh of my two favorite mediums, acrylic and nupastel. I felt like it would be nice bridge piece in my show.
I've changed the name on this piece like 3 times, none of them felt right until 'Fire' and funny thing is, it received this title by default. When I was setting up my show the showtitle 'Abstract Aspens' was lost and somehow i had an extra entitled 'Fire' and it fit perfectly. I had to steal this one back from my brother's office...I'm sure he'll be glad to get it back (if he gets it back ;))
Another nupastel and acrylic piece. This was my first piece I sold from my thesis show, I was so excited to know that others enjoyed my work as much as I do.
Diversion 2
This piece is my favorite. I feel like of all my pieces, it says what i wanted it to say and I don't get bored looking at it. It was just published in UVU's literary magazine Touchstones, i was really grateful to be included with some of my favorite fellow student artists.


Dani's Flowers
When my sister and her husband bought their new home, I wanted to help decorate their house and it is fun to see my work actually hanging on someone's walls (even if it was for the incredibly low price of a hot meal whenever I needed one :)) I love that my niece Dani loved them, my favorite is when she finds new things hidden within the poured paint.

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