Friday, February 22, 2013

Family Chiro Mural

A couple weeks ago, the chiropractic center next to my work asked me if I would paint an underwater mural for them, so of course I said yes.  It was fun to put together stuff I have never painted before, including dolphins which ended up looking like grumpy old men (or the eels from Little Mermaid).  The center is opening friday (today) and I started wednesday morning :) needless to say, I spent 8 hours there finishing up last night, total time was about 12 hours.  I plan on going back and adding in hidden pictures, so the kids have things to look for and they will get a prize if they find them all.  So if you're ever in the Washington area stop on by and check it out :)


  1. This came out fantastic! Look at you! What can't you do?! Go Annie!

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  3. Wonderful......Imaginative....... and Fun! Good Job!